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Billington Structures’ Support for BetterWeld’s Apprenticeship Programme

On 27 March 2024, BetterWeld will host its first ever open day, designed to introduce the academy to regional businesses and showcase the talents of fabrication and welding students poised to enter our industry. This event will highlight the dedication of the apprenticeship programme and the achievements of the program’s participants.

Billington Structures' Support for BetterWeld's Apprenticeship Programme Billington Structures

Billington Structures proudly supports BetterWeld’s apprenticeship programme, which addresses the UK’s skills gap and promotes local training and employment in South Yorkshire. This programme provides a valuable avenue for job seekers and businesses, with Billington Structures acknowledging the program’s contributions to the local employment landscape.

Elliot Gwynne, Sales and Business Development Manager of BetterWeld, had this to say;Our training facility aims to provide a centre of excellence for training in steel fabrication and welding, easing the pressures local businesses have when recruiting skilled welders within the community. The initiative, aimed at addressing the skills gap, is a variety of funded fabrication and welding qualifications

Our open day is an excellent opportunity for local businesses to engage with our learners who are seeking employment and further educational opportunities within the sector. “

Billington Structures are dedicated to supporting the growth and development of individuals within the steel industry and having this programme in place means businesses like ours have access to candidates for placement with us as well as future employment. 

The BetterWeld apprenticeship programme, backed by Billington Structures, goes beyond just welding. It connects with a wider vision of community growth by tailoring training and apprenticeships to fit the needs of businesses within the region; not only helping local organisations but also adds to the overall social value of the South Yorkshire economy.

Billington Structures are full of admiration for BetterWeld’s initiative, recognising that it goes beyond contributing valuable skills; it actively addresses pressing industry needs. In acknowledging BetterWeld’s commitment to offering opportunities to local unemployed individuals, the programme stands out as a commendable initiative. 

Claire Upperdine, Associate Director of HR at Billington Structures, shares her perspective on the impact: “Billington Structures is delighted to support Betterweld. This scheme, by offering valuable programmes, not only provides benefits for those seeking employment in the South Yorkshire region but also addresses a crucial social need. BetterWeld’s commitment aligns with our values, contributing positively to the community we serve.” 

We are delighted to support BetterWeld and their endeavour to create an education pathway for local learners, effectively addressing the skills gap, and nurturing employment opportunities in South Yorkshire. The value of being part of an initiative and coming together, goes beyond as we actively build a stronger and brighter future for South Yorkshire.