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Offsetting secures Billington Structures ‘carbon neutral’ certificate

Billington Structures has been certified as officially ‘carbon neutral’ for its operations – thanks to offsetting.

Billington Structures gaining carbon neutral certification from Carbon Neutral Britain follows a switch to green fuels as well as an undisclosed spend on offsetting schemes.

Offsetting secures Billington Structures 'carbon neutral' certificate Billington Structures









Billington has offset 1,770 tonnes of CO₂ emissions via payments to the Woodland Fund portfolio of carbon offsetting projects.

Since May 2023 Billington Structures has used electricity procured from 100% green energy with a REGO accredited 0% emissions factor.  Its vehicle fleet is increasingly electric, reducing carbon emissions by approximately 15% a year, and further planned reduction activities include the introduction of hydrotreated vegetable oil as a biofuel across factories and site-based activities.

Billington chief executive Mark Smith said: “Billington believes that operating in a sustainable and responsible manner is key to the growth and success of the group.  As part of this, Billington is therefore committed to achieving carbon neutrality across all of its businesses as soon as possible, together with minimising the environmental impact of its activities.  We are therefore delighted that our largest business, Billington Structures, has now been certified as carbon neutral and we intend that our other businesses will be certified as such as soon as practical.”

Offsetting secures Billington Structures 'carbon neutral' certificate Billington Structures