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Caring for the Environment

We adopt a number of initiatives to help us reduce our carbon footprint and care for the environment.

Caring for the Environment Billington Structures

Initiatives include innovative fabrication methods, sustainable procurement, reporting mechanisms, the sponsorship of wildlife centres and changes to our facilities.

  • Use of hauliers with Euro 6 vehicles (where possible).
  • RSPB Sponsorship
  • Environmental Task Force Group.
  • BS EN ISO 14001 2015 (Environmental Management System Certification).
  • 100% waste goes to Energy for Waste for recycling.
  • LED lighting across all sites.
  • Wildlife initiatives including a bug hotel in place.
  • Dedicated CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme.
  • Apprenticeship/training programme.
  • The use of Microsoft Teams for meetings, reducing the amount of travel across the group.
  • All company cars are regularly serviced and maintained.
  • Cycle to work scheme – to encourage a healthier lifestyle and to help reduce environmental pollution.
  • Aspects and impacts register
  • VOC
  • Atmospheric and personal monitoring
  • Draining plans
  • Tree planting
  • Efficient machinery
  • Dedicated travel policy

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