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Structural Steelwork Sector Launches a Manifesto at the House of Lords

Billington Structures joined with the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) in representing the UK structural steelwork sector, to launch a manifesto to UK politicians at an event in the House of Lords. Ahead of a forthcoming general election, representatives including BCSA President, Gary Simmons and BCSA CEO, Dr David Moore urged politicians to take steps to protect and grow the industry in the future.

The steelwork industry serves as a cornerstone of the wider UK economy, and its contributions are paramount to the nation’s development, regeneration, and prosperity. Steel stands as an indispensable material and it underpins all vital infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, bridges, and industrial parks. The industry employs around 60,000 people and the sector is worth approximately £1.6bn a year to the UK economy.

The manifesto has five key policy changes that if implemented will create new business opportunities, new jobs, new skills and increase the resilience and capability of the UK steelwork industry.

The manifesto calls for UK firms to be prioritised on all public-funded contracts, as well as the abolition of cash retentions on projects, as they stifle cash flow and damage smaller companies. Another aspect of the manifesto is focused on caring for the environment by decarbonising operations, to make it a sustainable industry.

Structural Steelwork Sector Launches a Manifesto at the House of Lords Billington Structures Structural Steelwork Sector Launches a Manifesto at the House of Lords Billington Structures

Left to Right: (BCSA President Gary Simmons and BCSA CEO, Dr David Moore, Sponsoring Peer Lord Aberdare)

BCSA CEO, Dr David Moore, said: “The UK steelwork sector is, literally and figuratively, an economic building block. It is both the fabric of our growth and development and has the potential to be a booming industry creating jobs, boosting GDP, and delivering opportunity. The industry does not operate in a vacuum and there are simple measures that our politicians could take, which would be a real shot in the arm for our sector. It is our hope that a future government, of whatever political persuasion they may be, will recognise both the value and potential of the constructional steelwork industry and take action to help us continue to flourish and grow.”

Mark Smith, CEO of Billington Holdings, who also attended the manifesto launch said: “The steelwork industry is fundamental to the UK’s economic prosperity. Emphasising its significance to policymakers, businesses, and stakeholders, the UK Government must continue to support and invest in the sustainable growth and competitiveness of the UK’s steelwork industry to secure a prosperous future for generations to come.”

At Billington Holdings, we support the manifesto and will continue to share the value the UK steelwork industry brings to the wider UK economy, skills, employment and regional regeneration.