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Plymouth EFW


6 Building Recycling Plant, including an Administration Building, Waste Management Building, Flue Gas Fan System, Workshop Building, Tipping Hall and Water Treatment Building.

EFW (Energy From Waste).Structual steel to 6no buildings and an access bridge comprising of:

  • UST- Workshop Building. Structual steel including crane beams to a single storey building.
  • UYA-Administration Building. Structual steel, metal decking and precast stairs to a 3 storey building.
  • UVB-Flue Gas Fan System. Structual steel to a single storey building.
  • UGD-Water Treatment Building. Strutual steel to two storey building including metal decking to mezzanine floor and roof level.
  • UEB-Waste Bunker. Structual steel to high level roof over the waste Bunker.
  • UEA- Tipping Hall. Structual steel to single story building.
  • UYY-Access Bridge. Structual steel to form new bridge spanning 31m.

End Client


Main Contractor

Kier Infrastructure & Overseas Ltd


GHA Livigunn


Stride Treglown