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Billington Structures is proud of its recorded achievement in maintaining a positive impact on communities and the environment.

Social Value Billington Structures

At Billington Structures we are committed to delivering social value within the local communities from which we operate. Our focus is to bring clear enhancements to the local communities and stakeholders in the surrounding areas. We recognise the clear benefits of operating in a socially sustainable and environmentally conscious manner, embedding social value into the ethos and principals of our business.

Our Social Value initiatives are continually aligned to the strategic objectives of our clients and key stakeholders within the regions we operate and nationally. Our commitments will always aim to have a strong focus in areas such as employment, training, education, diversity, inclusion, health, wellbeing and the environment. From a social and regenerative perspective, conserving resources is vital. Interconnected social value benchmarks requires a commitment from our teams in all sectors of our business.

Social Value

Measuring the impact that our Social Value and ESG initiatives have had across the company is a significant task, so we knew we needed to break it down into stages. By road mapping our plan and process it has allowed us to implement our resources and commitments in the most effective manner to ensure we achieve the maximum impact. We are constantly monitoring and measuring our commitments through a timed action plan, gathering data and transparently reporting where methods are working and where we may need improvements.

ESG Commitments

In 2022, the Billington Group set up an ESG committee which includes a representative from Design, Health & Safety, Commercial and our Operational departments. This was to ensure we measured and progressed with our commitment to carbon reduction projects across the group. In addition, ensuring our Social impact is maximised through delivery of a vast array of social projects.

Local Investment

The Group has contributed to many local projects and we always try to attract local labour to our offices and sites across the UK. A priority for us is to give back to local regions and it’s important to us to establish partnerships within the local areas in which we operate.

We have invested in our people, processes, equipment and buildings to improve productivity, safeguard local employment and ensure the company is at the forefront of technical advancements. As a steel engineering and manufacturing organisation, we can provide opportunities, apprenticeships and upskill, retaining local talent at our facilities. In 2022-23, 80% of our employees worked in South Yorkshire and 20% of employees have worked for the company for over 15 years.

Support for Charities

At Billington Structures, we are proud to support several local and nationwide charities. Every year, we make financial or supportive contributions to local community activities and participate in charitable fundraising. Billington Structures is part of the Billington Charity Foundation. Launched in 2016 the foundation works to improve the support we offer to local and national charities and communities.

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