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Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

We recognise that all aspects of our operation may have wide ranging environmental impact and we are committed to minimising these impacts through a programme of continuous improvement.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Billington Structures

We have a duty of care towards tackling the climate emergency and continue to commit resources and align our policies to address these issues. Sustainable procurement, innovative fabrication methods and carbon reporting ensure we develop new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Year on year we achieve the BCSA Sustainability Gold Charter and support them in their fight to reduce carbon within the steel industry.  

We work closely with our clients to ensure sustainability outcomes are achieved. Projects including the London School of Economics, Centre Building which were awarded a BREEAM Outstanding rating and BREEAM Public Sector Project Post Construction Award.

– Mark Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Billington Holdings Plc

Our dedicated Quality and Environmental Advisor is an active member on the Sustainability committee with the BCSA (British Constructional Steel Work Association). This group discuss topics which are prevalent to the industry, including the reduction in carbon emissions and the current climate emergency.

Due to the industry in which we operate, we recognise that our business activities can impact the wider environment, and therefore, have an obligation to reduce the direct negative impact of these activities. To manage the environmental risk, we have adopted policies that comply with the ISO BS EN 14001 -Environmental Management System.

The policies manage the environmental impact by reducing pollution, improving energy efficiency and reusing and recycling waste (where possible), to achieve its long-term environmental goals.

To ensure the successful implementation of our environmental policies, we educate and inform our employees of the environmental impact of their work activities and encourages staff to seek methods to reduce these impacts. It also provides employees with the necessary resources to deliver the environmental objectives.

Additionally, we work in partnership with subcontractors to identify and develop procedures to reduce the environmental impact of its onsite project work to a practicable minimum and ensure optimum efficiency of onsite operations.

The Board is responsible for continuously monitoring and reviewing these policies to ensure the programme is adapted and improved. This will ultimately save money, improve brand reputation and reduce our environmental footprint.

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