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Skelton Grange EFW Facility


Skelton Grange is a new Energy from Waste (EfW) power plant that is being built in Leeds, West Yorkshire. It is the 14th EfW project for Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) in the UK.

By processing up to 410,000 tonnes of different types of waste per year it will be able to generate power for more than 100,000 homes in the UK. The new plant is being built on the site of the former Skelton Grange Electricity Works, which has been decommissioned for many years.

The power plant is being developed by HZI, SSE and Wheelabrator Technologies and it is expected to be operational in 2025. The project will create a number of jobs in the West Yorkshire region, as well as transforming tonnes of non-recyclable waste into energy. It will also help the region to reach its Net Zero target in the next 15 years by reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, which will reduce carbon emissions. The plant will also process the waste, so that any valuable materials are recovered and recycled before they are incinerated. Skelton Grange will also support the UK’s drive to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

The facility will have the capability to provide combined heat and power through a blanking flange and heat/steam export from the turbine. Billington Structures provided the structural steel on this project for HZI and Doran Consulting.

“The UK’s drive for sustainable waste management includes clear recycling targets as well as ensuring that non-recyclable waste does not end up in landfill, but is also recycled in such a way that energy and valuable materials are recovered in the process and produced at lower overall carbon footprint,” said Fabio Dinale, VP Business Development at HZI. “Modern EfW plants like the one being built at Skelton Grange make a significant contribution to this.”

End Client

Wheelabrator Group

Main Contractor

Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) AG


HZI / Doran Consulting


Weedon Architects