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Billington Offer A Helping Hand To Local Foodbank Charity

Billington Offer A Helping Hand To Local Foodbank Charity Billington Structures

Since its initial meeting in September 2012 Barnsley Foodbank, which is run in partnership with local churches facilitated by Church Action on Poverty in Barnsley, has made a massive difference to thousands of homes throughout the local area.

The charity officially went ‘live’ in October 2013 with the central hub distributing to just two spokes, but with continued commitment and public donations this has now increased to eight spoke sites throughout the Barnsley area which have collaboratively supplied an impressive 40,560kg of food across the local area.As well as donations from local companies and individuals, the food bank are in contact with a number of supermarket retailers that provide perfectly good produce which for aesthetic faults would otherwise be disposed of.

Not only do they deliver food packages to individuals and families in need, they also distribute to 160 local charities and collaborate with 46 Referring Agencies. But with referral rates increasing it is more important than ever to support and sustain the important work that these guys do.

Billington’s first donation was collected by John Rick of Fareshare Yorkshire early last week and has been sorted into packages ready for distribution.

The charity is based just over the road from Billington and we are very much look forward to continuing our support in the future.