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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day – Interview with Trainee Project Manager

Billington’s Maddison Cooper, who is currently training to become a Project manager, took time out to do do a short interview with us for International Women’s Day.  Giving insight to her journey into the construction industry.  Read below to learn about her story.

International Women's Day Billington Structures


What made you decide to work with Billingtons/what did you like most?
Initially I was looking for work experience as I’m currently studying T-Level Design, Planning and Surveying for Construction and wanted to learn about Project Management. The opportunity had arisen for me to do 3 months of work experience at Billingtons where I got to look around the fabrication shop, be involved on site and spend time in each department to understand how the company operates. I found Project Management particularly interesting and I have now been employed by Billington as a Trainee Project Manager.


What does your job role involve and what are your responsibilities?
Training to be a Project Manager involves a mix of office and site-based learning. Currently I am working on a project in the Midlands, which I have been involved with from project inception. The tasks that I have completed thus far have been in relation to logistics planning, so I have produced: site plan, programme of works, phasing plans, quality plans, RAMS, planning deliveries etc. When the project starts on site, I will be attending regular meetings with the client and DABS meeting to plan and coordinate works so that the project can progress.


What can be done to encourage more women into steel/engineering/construction? Ie. More awareness at educational level, more open about available roles etc.
I think there needs to be a bigger push for construction in general in secondary schools as there is such a wide variety of jobs available, especially at Billingtons! In terms of pushing women towards construction, I think it would be beneficial to have our female colleagues within the industry to visit schools and colleges to talk to students about the endless opportunities that the construction industry offers and how rewarding it can be.


Are Billingtons are a diverse and inclusive company?
I think I am a good example of this! I am a young woman who wanted to get started in the construction industry and they gave me the opportunity to gain experience in a brilliant role that I imagine will be very fulfilling when I am running my own projects.


What is the most interesting thing you have worked on/project been involved with?
I have been working on one of our projects in Peterborough since September last year and this has been an amazing project to work on and see progress. There are so many different elements that I’ve not seen before and have been introduced to since working on this project.


Billington Structures Ltd believe inclusivity helps bring a wider perspective and skill sets that are needed in our industry. It’s wonderful to have Maddison on board with us and we look forward to supporting her and her development with the business as with all our team. 

It was great to be able to celebrate Maddison’s success with this interview  and celebrate success of all of our female colleagues within our business who inspire us continuously.